Kiss & Make Up

Updated: Jan 18

When you and your spouse have a minor disagreement that isn’t causing abuse or harm to one another. Instead of arguing or creating a heated debate how about establishing a moment of intimacy?!

Kissing & Making Up releases the oxytocin hormone which elevates your mood and helps establish the attachment & bond in a relationship. Is it fixing the disagreement?! Maybe not!! The release of the oxytocin from the pituitary gland reduces stress which may help to diffuse the tension that may cause someone to speak with aggression or with a tone that could cause the conversation to get heated. We all know in a heated conversation words often get misconstrued and it invalidates the message. Intimacy will provide a place of peace and a way to reconnect to have a calm & collected conversation where both parties may be heard.

You both took a vow for better or for wave your white flag and surrender to the greater good.

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